Chickpea stew – plant-based, low-FODMAP, adaptable and healthy

Don’t be put off by chickpeas when you’re following a low-FODMAP diet. They are high in oligosaccharides (fOdmap), but in larger quantities only. As with any ingredient in a low-FODMAP diet consider a) your own tolerances and b) trialling ingredients so you can really limit how much you’re cutting out. Most things are fine when […]

Getting enough iodine and other vitamins and minerals in a vegan diet

Increasing your risk of being deficient in certain vitamins and minerals is often used as an argument not to follow a plant-based diet, that is, one which is free from meat, eggs, fish and dairy. “In the UK, it is estimated that well-planned completely plant-based, or vegan, diets need just one third of the fertile […]