the fodmap medic

I’m a 23 year-old doctor, originally from Reading, but now practising in London. I’m a big advocate of healthy living and as a doctor-to-be I hope what I have to say is somewhat based on fact (!) after many years at medical school. I really believe in promoting health education, because as a doctor I’m in a privileged position to see humans at their most in need and also to know a lot about the human body. Believe me when I say, it’s completely worth investing in your health from a young age. And if you’re no longer so young, it’s always, ALWAYS better late than never!

I’ve suffered with a “funny tummy” since I was a teenager and if you want to put a label to it, you can call it IBS (or Irritable Bowel Syndrome). Anyway, I got a bit sick of the unpredictability of my bowels – sexy, I know – so I trialled eight weeks of religious low-FODMAP diet back in August 2016. I try to eat low-FODMAP most of the time, but it’s not always easy and I don’t believe in cutting foods out completely. Anyway, you’ll probably hear me talk about FODMAP some more…

Apart from all that, I play cello. I’d say that’s a major part of my identity and has been since I actually started to enjoy it, which was about five years after I started playing. (Sorry it took me a while, mum.) I also run and practise yoga. I like reading, thinking and I’m a bit OCD about mess and organisation.

So that’s me!

I hope you like the blog. I’ve not done one before, but I’ve got a lot I want to say, so thanks for letting me share it with you.