My favourite low-FODMAP snack saviours

I just thought I’d share with you guys some of my fave snack foods! When dealing with IBS, it’s always a good idea to have a few bits in your bag for those munchie moments that you know you can rely on not to make you so bloated!

  1. Fruit

Original, I know, but think of every colour as a different vitamin. Eaten in their whole form (as opposed to whizzed up in a smoothie) these guys are packed full of fibre and a little hit of fructose. What I’ve found to be most helpful in dealing with “The Bloat” is to eat fruit by itself / in between meals. Often after dinner I would have a couple of satsumas or some grapes – something sweet but healthy – and was finding that even these low-FODMAP fruits were making me bloated and gassy…?! From my reading, it seems that this is because eating fruit alongside other foods slows its absorption and transit through the digestive tract leading to symptoms. There is also evidence that the nutrients aren’t as well absorbed when eaten with other foods because they compete for absorption. Anyway… eating fruit between meals is the best way I find I can digest it. Give it a go! Here’s a list of my fave low-foddy fruits:

  • Easy peeler clementines (two is normally one of your 10-a-day)
  • Strawberries
  • Blueberries (big and fat are best)
  • Bananas – Note: the green ones are higher in resistant starch which is fermented in the large bowel and therefore – although fab for the microbiome- can give rise to flatulence

2. Flapjacks

My fave here is the Trek Cocoa Coconut Protein Flapjack which has seen me through many a long afternoon on the wards. Other faves include the Graze protein bites which are essentially glorified flapjacks in cute packaging… works for me!

3. Dark chocolate

Dark chocolate is fab because it is renowned for being high in antioxidants. The other reason I like it is because unlike milk chocolate a) it doesn’t contain milk – yay and b) you can’t eat loads of it! Of course, it’s still full of sugar so it should be consumed in moderation only. My favourite would have to be the Velvet Edition range from Green & Blacks.

4. Sabra hummus (houmous?) extra

This versatile dip is a low-FODMAP beauty because unlike pretty much every other hummus on the market it doesn’t contain garlic! Woo! Pair it with fresh, crunchy, low-FODMAP carrots for a scrummy and filling snack. Remember that of course chickpeas get an ‘amber’ in the FODMAP traffic light system, meaning they’re best in smaller serves only – unless (and lucky you) you’ve successfully reintroduced chickpeas in which case: go Sabra crazy! In the words of blogger ZVD… Spread hummus not hate!

5. Tea!

Okay, I know it’s not a food, but sometimes filling that hour before lunch with something warming and hydrating is what your body’s actually craving / tea goes well with 2. and 3. above! Also, I’m British, so when in doubt, I make a cup of tea.

Three of my favourite teas…

  • Turmeric Chai, a warming and wintry Ayurvedic blend from Yogi Tea (also writing this I note they’ve got a new Ayurvedic Christmas blend- yes please!)
  • White tea. One of my good friends introduced me to white tea many moons ago and I still love it to this day (and no it’s not just black tea with milk). Find it here.
  • Green tea. If in doubt, go for green. The trick, of course, is not to brew it for too long or it takes on a sort of cigarette-smoke-esque tang (just me?). Generally, experience has taught me that loose leaf green teas are the best- I’m not a fan of any supermarket own brand or Twinings bags I’ve tried. Wagamama’s green tea is pretty good though and also free! Cheeky Wags, anyone?

So there you have it.  Let me know what your go-to snacks are that don’t make you feel bloated or uncomfortable. Obviously, I am normal (ish), so I also eat things that aren’t low-FODMAP from time to time like KitKats, chocolates, cookies blah blah but in an ideal world I’d stick to the above. #keepingitreal

Lots of love from Laura xxx

At the risk of sounding too much like Gossip Girl, here are some of my “spotted” moments…


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