What I eat in a day

Some of you have been asking what I eat for lunch and what my favourite weekday dinner is. To give you an insight into how I stay healthy and FODMAP-friendly on the go, I’ve described here what I eat on a typical day. As you may know, my biggest healthy living motto is everything in moderation: I try not to cut anything out as such, just cut things down that I know aggravate my IBS. I don’t pretend to eat like a model fodmapper, but like a real person! And it’s okay because your body is pretty amazing and it can cope with a little bit of sugar, alcohol and chocolate and you’ll be fine if you balance your food intake with your exercise. The amount I eat really depends on how much exercise I’ve been doing recently, how much sleep I’ve had (I eat more if I’m sleep-deprived) and how busy I am (I eat a lot more on the days I’m work than on holiday, for obvious reasons!) But my diet itself – that is, the foods I choose to eat- stays relatively consistent. Lots of water, lots of fruit, veg, fibre and protein, and more carbohydrates on the days I’ve been exercising (that includes running around a lot at work!) Eating low FODMAP helps to limit my bloating, but I find it’s also strongly linked to how stressed I am and if I’ve been exercising enough.

Listen to your body: some days you will be hungrier than others and that’s okay. If you’re getting intense cravings, it might be because that’s what your body is telling you it needs: perhaps you’re craving chocolate because you didn’t get enough sleep last night and your body wants a burst of energy; perhaps you’re craving milky coffees or cheese because you’re a little low in calcium. I’m not certain this is scientifically proven, (but is a theory for pregnancy cravings!) but your body is extremely smart and often knows things you don’t, so listen when it speaks.

Above all, keep smiling on the outside to keep your belly smiling on the inside!


IMG_2519I always start the day with a big cup of tea with lacto-free milk or green tea followed by one or two slices of gluten-free bread with peanut butter OR a big bowl of porridge made with a combo of lacto-free and almond milk, seeds, nuts, fresh blueberries, fresh raspberries and half a sliced banana OR if it’s the weekend or a day off, I’ll spend a little more time making some pancakes. Yum!


Depending on how hungry I amIMG_2520 (if I’ve done a hard workout the day before I tend to be ravenous the next day when I get to work!) I’ll have a snack, usually a date-based bar like Nakd, Aldi bars or Perkier quinoa bars or just a banana. Sometimes, the morning is far too busy for this and I just power on until lunch. For me, the issue with that, is that I’m then so hungry by lunchtime that I eat a mountain of food and then get bloated, regardless if it’s low-FODMAP or not. So, this is best avoided in my opinion.


img_1577 I usually try to bring my own lunches in, but if I’ve not at time, I’ll try and choose something healthy to have from work and that really depends what they have. Soup generally will have onion in and few places do gluten-free sandwiches. If I’m desperate, I’ll have a normal sandwich but maybe just eat the bread from one side! My normal lunches are basically dinner leftovers with added salad (some combo of Romaine – not Brexit – lettuce, spinach, tomatoes, cucumber, avocado, pepper), with a dressing of extra virgin olive oil, tahini, lemon juice and black pepper. If I don’t have any leftovers, I’ll have tinned tuna or smoked mackerel as my base, perhaps with Waitrose green pea pasta, or Doves Farm buckwheat pasta.

Post-lunch snacks

A packet of sweet and salty popcorn is pretty standard go-to for me! Popcorn is really filling and a great source of fibre, too.


Post-work snacks

I always like to eat something after work, so I tend to have a little something from my lunch bag I haven’t eaten yet ! That could be one of: date bars, rice cakes, nuts or fruit.


I try to have quite light meals, and dinner is no exception. I try to get some exercise in quite soon after I get home (otherwise I won’t go!) and it never feels right to eat lots after vigorous exercise. So, dinner will often be something like chicken with a quinoa salad, or a cod or salmon fillet with a lovely green salad and brown rice.

Before bed



Depending on how hungry I am, I might have a little nibble of something before I sleep – I find helps me sleep better! Something like a small bowl of yogurt (I have goat’s milk) with some seeds and berries or just a slice of toast with butter.


Any questions? Just comment below or contact me via social media. Happy eating! xxx


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