FODMAP-friendly food swaps



Weetabix with Nutri-Brex

Muesli with Nairn’s gluten-free oat muesli

Bread with gluten-free bread- see here for the most nutritious choice

All those cups of milky tea with tea with lactose-free milk and try and substitute the rest with lovely herbal teas – especially green – which are refreshing and healthy



Onions with spring onions (green bits only!)

Garlic with garlic oil – it’s a stronger flavour than you might think

Double cream (e.g. in pasta sauce) with crème fraîche

Pasta with brown rice pasta (buy it in bulk on Amazon to save money)

Lentils with canned lentils – who knew?!

Couscous with quinoa or brown rice

Baking and the sweet stuff


Ginger nuts with stem ginger oat biscuits from Nairn’s (remember: being gluten-free doesn’t make  biscuits healthy!

Honey with maple syrup

Flour in cooking with blended oats or buckwheat flour or gluten-free flour (though they are not as high in fibre or other nutrients than oats and buckwheat)

Butter with a free-from equivalent (I use Pure)

Ground almonds with a mixture of FODMAP-friendly ground nuts (e.g. brazil, hazelnut, walnut – just pop them in the food processor!)

Replacea bloated belly with a smiling one!

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