FODMAP: my top ten tips to get you started

My top ten tips:

  1. Set a start date and an end date: I’d advise starting on a Monday and doing your low FODMAP foodshop on the Sunday before for each week and you need to trial this diet for a minimum of four weeks.
  2. Prepare: Push all your non-perishable high FODMAP foods to the back of your cupboards, use up the foods in your fridge (love food, hate waste!) or give them to friends and families
  3. Download an app: the food maestro FODMAPs app is free and has a barcode scanner although I find the Monash university app (£7.99) has more up-to-date information.
  4. Be organised: Do your food shop for the week using your barcode scanner- you’ll quickly learn what is and isn’t low FODMAP (I still use mine for a few things). This is easiest if you plan your meals for the week.
  5. Let people know! It’s always a bit awkward because not everyone will understand, but you need to make sure you give it a really good go – there’s no room for cheating !
  6. Love your new best friends: If I had to advise you to buy two things it would be spring onions and garlic oil. They are a Fodmapper’s best friends! Use the green part of spring onions where you would use onions; use garlic oil instead of cooking with garlic.
  7. Write it down: Keep some record of how you and your tummy feel. This can be on the app, in your notes on your phone, add it to your calendar or write it in your journal.
  8. Be scientific: the most reliable experiments only have one variable. So don’t go changing the rest of your lifestyle too much at the same time, This way, if it works, you’ll know it wasn’t FODMAP, not something else.
  9. Cook for yourself: If this isn’t not possible, print off a list of high FODMAPs for whoever is cooking or offer to cook.  As for eating out, I would say try to avoid it for the duration; if you can’t, ring ahead and let the kitchen know your requirements or pick your meal with minimum high-fodmaps before you go.
  10. Be patient with yourself: it’s not easy doing a pretty major rehaul of your diet. You may accidentally eat high-fodmaps without realising; you might not feel like it’s working (I didn’t think it was!).

You got this.

If you want any advice about starting send me a message on here, comment below, tweet me @the_fodmapmedic or Insta message me @the_fodmap_medic. I’d love to hear how you’re getting on!

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