Is it possible to eat 10-a-day (and be FODMAP-friendly)?

Recently in the news, it came out that we should be trying to eat 10-a-day, instead of the previously suggested 5. I wasn’t particularly surprised, because it stands to reason that as many of these anti-disease powerhouses as you can get will benefit you! (Within reason!!)

The question on everyone’s lips, though, was: is this do-able?

I’m here to show you it is! It also tasted great and I felt pretty great too.

Remember, it’s best to aim for a ratio of 7 veg : 3 fruit to limit your sugar intake.

1. Breakfast: porridge made with lactose-free milk and stirred-in blueberries and raspberries = 2 fruit

2. Lunch: salad with poached egg. (Salad leaves, spinach, avocado, tomatoes, beetroot, sundried tomatoes, pomegranate seeds, cucumber) = 6 veg

3. Snack: soya yogurt topped with banana and strawberries = 2 fruit

4. Dinner: (gluten-free) pitta pizzas. Tomato sauce made with chopped tomatoes and spring onions, topped with peppers, spinach and sundried tomatoes, olives, goat’s cheese and prosciutto = 4 different veg


So I’ve eaten 14 portions of fruit and vegetables – because of overlap of the same ones this equates to about 4 portions of different fruits and 7 full portions of different veg.

Of course, the quantity of pomegranate seeds and cucumber, for example, probably isn’t the quoted 80g so I haven’t counted them as “full portions” but you’re still getting the vitamins and other healthy benefits from even just a small amount.

P.S. I didn’t set out to write this when I ate what I ate – this was what I was eating anyway.

How do you feel you are managing with getting your 10 fruit and veg? Make this your day to try it out- it might be easier than you think!

Laura x


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