#1: bear with me

Here we are!

I’ve been saying for a while I’d start a blog after my med school finals and well, finals are finally over. (Forgive me my two week break: I was catching up on sleep and friends following the sweet taste of utter freedom.)

Why a blog?

I’m pretty sure I have half-heartedly started a blog before (the domain is probably still floating around in the ether/internet today), but never had the gall/motivation to follow it through. Perhaps I felt like I didn’t know what I wanted to say. I’m not sure I know exactly what I want to say now, or that anything I want to say actually has any common thread or linking semantic, but there’s things I want to write about and maybe that’s enough.


I think the low-FODMAP diet is getting more and more publicity, but it’s still relatively unknown, even amongst many healthcare professionals. It offers a symptomatic solution to Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and is based upon reducing the amount of fermentable (gas-producing) carbohydrates in the diet, on the basis that this can help reduce the symptoms of bloating, gassiness and irregular and unpredictable bowel habits. It’s a very sexy subject and one which I’ll talk about in future posts.


If things go according to plan, I should be a fully qualified doctor come graduation in July. I hope, therefore, that some of the health content I (hope to) include, is based upon fact and five years of medical school knowledge.

What will I talk about?

To be frank, who knows. I’ve got lots of different interests and I suppose this blog will act as a platform upon which to share these. I imagine the content will be highly varied; I don’t think it’s always necessary to just choose one topic and stick to it. I like classical music, non-classical music, clothes, food, healthy eating, healthy living, so maybe there’ll be a bit of everything?

Money and fame?

Perhaps this is more a question for myself than for you as the reader, but it’s an important question to ask. Although money and fame seem pretty cool from the outside, I think those sorts of goals detract from the essence of a blog that I hope will be a genuine, honest and wholly un-self-conscious exploration of my thoughts and ideas. I guess I’m hoping it can help me with my confidence, to reduce some of my own anxieties, to develop as a person, to discover a bit more about what I want from life.

It would be great if it were also a relatively interesting read.

Maybe it’s all for me, but I hope what I have to say might also be for someone else out there. Above all, I want to talk honestly about health and happiness: bear with me.

Photo credit: Ishtiak Mahamud


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