new year’s resolutions…eek

How does that title make you feel? I think it’s had pretty bad rep and tends to conjure up images of jam-packed gyms in January and guilt-inducing fitness and diet goals.

I know a post on NY resolutions is perhaps a little overdue, but maybe that’s just right. Maybe we should be thinking about our personal goals and resolutions all year round, not just in January and trickling into February. So, this year I decided to do it all a little differently.

I’ve been setting goals for each month instead of for the year. So far I have found this to be much more manageable and satisfying. Remember, it’s okay to set the goal retrospectively (!) and just give yourself some credit for something great you achieved last month.


Some over-riding fitness goals to keep in mind each month…

  1. Squat 60kg (I only weigh 50-odd, so we’ll see how that fares)
  2. Do the splits (cos why the hell not)
  3. Do 20 good press-ups

This month, I made it my mission to make it through an interview and to apply for a scholarship.

  • I applied to be an junior doctor with a special interest in academic medicine (research, bascially). Tick.
  • I applied for a scholarship to work with the Student British Medical Journal (BMJ). Tick.
  • Revise for finals. Tick.


  • Make it through med school finals. Tick.
  • I also squatted 40kg and did seven actual press-ups.

I think that’s enough for Feb.


This month my goals are:

  • to keep cool in the advent of results
  • enjoy myself
  • spring clean
  • start a blog. TICK!


At the moment, I’m thinking

  • Ace my elective at the Student BMJ (yep, I got the scholarship!)
  • Run eight miles, because I haven’t done a long run in a while

May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December…Watch this space.

What will you set out to achieve this month? What can you give yourself credit for achieving last month? #goals #2017

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